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Creatures Great and Small

Salvage Golem Goblin

The world of the labyrinth is a dangerous place. Characters have to contend with thieves, roaming gangs, and malevolent sorcerers. But the Labyrinth is also home to a scary array of monsters and other creatures.

Goblins: Wild and carnivorous, tunnel goblins present a constant danger to both settlements and travellers. They swarm in packs, and are their teeth and claws can cause significant damage.

Salvage Golems: No one knows the origins of the salvage golems. Some say that they were created by ancient artificers or sparksmiths. Some say that their original creator still lives, and she or he sends these machines into the tunnels in search of something lost. What is clear is that these creatures can be dangerous foes. They're strong, with excellent defenses and sharp weaponry.

Character Archetypes: The Mage

The Mage

“People aren’t the only things trapped in the labyrinth. The tunnels are teeming with magical energy. They call it the pattern, and if you’ve got the ability, you can bend that energy to your will. You do it right, and it’s the greatest feeling in the world. You do it wrong, and you hurt.

“People want different things in this place. Some people want to survive. Some people want out. Me, I want to make sense of the pattern. They say that knowledge is power, and it just so happens that magic is power as well. And if there is an exit from this place, then I’m telling you that I believe it’ll be a mage who finds it.

“Sure, I need to eat and I need to stay alive. So I’ll join your group for now, but I’m not making plans for the long haul. Because me, I’m going to be the one who figures it out.”