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B.C. Holmes


Storn Cook


Anna Christenson

Anna Christenson is an illustrator living in Rochester, NY. After a chance encounter at a young age with Brian Froud and Alan Lee's book Fairies and a later encounter with Magic: The Gathering, Anna spent many years drawing elves, fairies, and other creature-like concoctions, with lofty goals of someday making book covers and gaming illustrations. In 2009, Anna received a BFA from Fredonia State University in Fredonia, NY and has since been doing just that. When not creating art (which is rare), Anna can be found playing video games, reading a book, or spending her time outside.


Keith Curtis

Keith Curtis is an Illustrator and Graphic Designer living in Port Angeles, Washington. He is married and has a wonderfully supportive wife, a beautiful daughter, and a couple of big bounding boxer dogs. He has been drawing for as long as he can remember. He has done silk screen, illustrated jewelry catalogs, prime labels, logo design, ad design, book and magazine covers and layout. He has an honest-to-goodness degree in Graphic Arts and Interior Design from CSU Fresno that says he is allowed to do this sort of work. He has well over a hundred publication credits in the RPG industry, mostly in illustration and cartography.


Kim Feigenbaum


Eric Lofgren

Eric Lofgren was born and lives in Western Canada. The road to his present career as a commercial illustrator has been a long and varied one. While not formally trained he's had a long history of working in one graphic field or another. He began with two years working in a commercial sign shop and 10 years running his own sign business. He also worked for one year as a digital photo-retoucher, a year full time as a landscape painter and two years as a tattoo artist. And now finally as of this writing, he has spent 10 years as a commercial illustrator. Currently his tasks as a commercial illustrator include cover art, collectible card art and interior book illustrations in colour, black & white or grayscale, as well as computer game conceptual design and graphic design.